What I’m Reading

Wealth and Power: China’s Long march to the 21st Century – Orville Schell and John Delury: Fascinating tour de force into some of the intellectual threads underpinning China’s tumultuous rise over the past 200 years Brothers – Yu Hua: a sweeping, rabid, tense and unhinged look at China’s troubles over the past 50 years through … Continue reading

Tackling water security through S&T

Water is a critical public goods problem. For the foreseeable future, it will remain to be. Across the global south, considerable consternation exists over the sustainable supply of water for livelihoods and other purposes. Agriculture consumes copious amounts of H2O. As rivers get polluted and drained of fresh resources, countries across river basins have a … Continue reading

Links I Liked

Evolutionary Economics¬† EU, India and United States: Room for strategic convergence? Guha on the Delhi Dilemma Steve Coll’s take on Vali Nasr’s take on Obama’s Foreign Policy Anatol Lieven on Afghanistan post 2014 Hollywoodization of Youtube Chinese Realpolitik in perspective Continue reading

Leveraging science for development – I

It is notably curious and rather mystifying that within the mainstream development studies discipline, science and technology are not considered and regarded as tools to advance progress and human wellbeing. For decades, some of the most critical advancements in human progress has come through scientific and technological ingenuity. For instance, the Green Revolution: which revolutionized … Continue reading

What I’m Reading

China in Ten Words – Yu Hua: An uncanny, wry and revealing look into contemporary China through ten words, excellent so far. End of Power – Moises Naim: A deep and detailed exposition into how power has become easy to get, harder to use and easier to lose; Naim’s always cogent but this is hardest … Continue reading