Abe’s Times

As I rose this morning on a mild and gloomy boxing day, I read of PM Shinzo Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni shrine, making him the first sitting PM to visit the shrine since his LDP predecessor Koizumi in 2006. The blowback was immediate and potent. Beijing and Seoul condemned Abe’s visit and Washington chimed … Continue reading

The Righteous Republic

The Righteous Republic: The Political Foundations of Modern India Scholars that have plumbed the traditions of Indian intellectual history appear to be driven by a tendency to rely greatly on western traditions of political thought and concepts, explicating their resonance in India through a process of institutional transplantation. But what of India’s own ideational and … Continue reading

Internationalist India

Mark Mazower – No Enchanted Palace: The Ideological Origins of the United Nations Manu Bhagavan – India and the Quest for One World: The Peacemakers Srinath Raghavan – War and Peace in Modern India A recent Foreign Policy article in 2012 decried that of all the emerging powers, India was the bane of America’s efforts to … Continue reading

TPP – On Deck

One of my recent posts explored the ongoing negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a mega trade pact between countries covering Asia and the Pacific, including behemoths like the US, Korea (still unsure), Canada, Australia and Japan. Following unsuccessful negotiations in Singapore this past week, the stage is now set for a potential breakthrough in April … Continue reading