Book lists of the Year – 2013

Its my favourite time of the year again – time of best book lists of the year. Good time to check and see how what I’ve been reading ranks with the top of what this year has produced. Here are some of the lists below:

NY Times Top Ten of 2013  – Read a couple of them, including Sonali Deraniyagala’s hauntingly poignant memoir of her unfathomable loss – Wave and Days of Fire by Peter Baker, master tour de-force through W’s presidency, including some effective myth busting. Need to catch up on Blinder’s take on the financial crisis and Christopher Clarks masterful Sleepwalkers

New Republic’s Top Books of 2013  – Some notable books here, though different from the ones of the NYT countdown. Managed to read George Packer’s The Unwinding and Gary Bass’s The Blood Telegram, both extremely deft at their respective narratives with Packer plumbing the depths of America’s domestic malaise through individual vignettes and Bass providing a pulsating account of U.S.’s Pakistan policy in the lead up to the creation of Bangladesh. Other notable additions here include the FT/Goldman Sachs Business book of the year – The Everything Store by Brad Stone and Tenth of December by George Saunders, also featured in the NYT’s top ten.

Guardians’s Top Books of the year – Great choices by a wide ranging group of authors including Mohsin Hamid, Hilary Mantel, Malcolm Gladwell, Jonathan Franzen, Eleanor Catton, Richard Frankel and Richard Ford.

Bill Gates’s Top Books of 2013  – An avid reader, Gates puts forward his picks for 2013. Choices here include few on development issues, climate change, infrastructure, culture and higher education in America – all issues that Gates has exhibited an interest to fund.

Wash Post Fix’s Top Political Books of 2013 – My favourite kind of book, managed to read quite a few of the picks here including some of the presidential treatises on Wilson, Taft and TR, Bush and Cheney and Obama. Great list.

Bloomberg’s Top Books of 2013 –  Interestingly, after reading this book, I realised that the genre of book I prefer reading the most is Economics/Development/Business. Unsurprisingly, some good selections here that I have also managed to read this year, probably the most of any of the lists above, including Austerity, The Battle of Bretton Woods, The Alchemists, The Quest, An Uncertain Glory, Big Data, Worldly Philosopher. 

All in all, a great year for books!