Engaging India – Strobe Talbott

  Engaging India: Diplomacy, Democracy and the Bomb – Strobe Talbott Strobe Talbott’s absorbing and, at times, riveting diplomatic and historical memoir chronicles his and Jaswant Singh’s travails to bring India back into the fold of international politics and also reboot the troubled Indo-US relationship after the successful tests at Pokhran in 1998 that christened … Continue reading

WHO, NCDs and GHG – Governing global health in the 21st century

The entire milieu of global health has been abuzz for nearly two decades; abuzz with funding, ideas, focus, networks, actors, initiatives, successes, failures and opportunities. More than any other issue area, public health has attained a level of globality not seen or witnessed in other areas like climate, trade, and agriculture. The sheer cacophony of … Continue reading

Genesis of International Relations Theory – Politicized Intellectualism

The Invention of International Relations Theory – Edited by Nicolas Guilhot For a majority of students and scholars of IR, training and general disciplinary understanding usually starts with a comprehensive grounding in and overview of Realism – the central theoretic framework that postulates states as the fundamental unit within an international system of states that … Continue reading

Wronged by Empire – The Politics of Colonialism and Foreign Policy in China and India

Wronged By Empire – Post Imperial Ideology and Foreign Policy in China and India: Manjari Chatterjee Miller  That colonialism is a scourge is a near universal fact. The transformative historical experience has been a searing one for countries that were at the receiving end. Though some of these colonized nations have been able to economically … Continue reading