Modi’s Foreign Policy – An Early Appraisal

Ambassador Hardeep Singh Puri, India’s former ambassador to Brazil and the UN, provided a brief rendition of the new BJP government’s foreign policy priorities at the 7th India-Singapore Strategic Dialogue. Puri ran through some of the key themes and motifs of the government’s foreign policy agenda. First, the government sees a mandate to ‘reboot’ foreign and … Continue reading

What I’m Reading

The New Emperors: Power and Princelings in China – Kerry Brown The Battle of Bretton Woods: John Maynard Keynes, Harry Dexter White and the Making of New World Order – Benn Steil Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage – Haruki Murakami Indonesia, Etc. – Elizabeth Pisani Continue reading

Forged in Crisis: India and the United States since 1947

Forged in Crisis: India and the United States since 1947 – Rudra Chaudhuri Rudra Chaudhuri’s recent history on Indo-US relations Forged in Crisis: India and the United States since 1947 is a book that is as ambitious as it is provocative. In it, Chaudhuri, embarks on a concerted myth-busting journey by revisiting some of India’s critical bilateral junctures with … Continue reading

Revisiting the Obama Doctrine

One of the first books to muse on Obama’s foreign policy was James Mann’s The Obamians: The Struggle Inside the White House to Redefine American Power. Briefly, Mann argued that Obama’s approach to international affairs and his view of the world was starkly different than that of his predecessor. Obama understood that American primacy was on the … Continue reading

Modi and the Rejuvenation of Indian Think Tanks?

Few days ago, the Indian economic daily, The Business Standard published an article on the recent arrival of several former officials of the right-wing think tank Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) into the Modi administration. As the article claims, six new officials have been anointed positions that have not been revealed. But given their national-security backgrounds (all but … Continue reading