What I’m Reading

Ian Hall – The Engagement of India: explores the strategies that major states have employed to engage and shape the relationship with a rising and newly vibrant India and their successes and failures in the effort and how India has largely responsed.

Itty Abraham – How India Became Territorial?: Situated within critical IR theory, the book attempts to explain just why territory matters so much to states like India even when certain lands don’t appear to be strategically valuable or important.

Latha Varadharajan – The Domestic Abroad: Diasporas in International Relations: Attempts to explain the presence and influence of diasporas over nation states in international politics. It does so by anchoring the disapora as an internationally based national interest group whose presence and importance hinges on the state and its policies.

Dave Eggers – The Circle: Troubling new novel that seeks to shed light on the implications of the growing datafication of the world and the powers that manage that data. Told through the eyes of a fresh college graduate who experiences the perils of life and work in a large internet based company that seeks to control and shape information.

Paul McGarr – The Cold War in South Asia: Britain, United States and the Indian Subcontinent, 1945-1965: Masterfully surveys Anglo-american diplomacy in the subcontinent through the first two decades of the cold war to explain why both England and US effectively failed to manage long-standing relationships in a region that was becoming strategically important to both.


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