Angus Deaton – CFR

A wide-ranging and insightful conversation/podcast with recent Nobel Laureate – Angus Deaton is worth listening to for so many reasons. A brief snippet of his views on Philantrocapitalism and their impact on development which is very very hard It’s complicated. I think one of the things that billionaire philanthropists are discovering is it’s actually very … Continue reading

What to do with the Rupee?

Rajiv Kumar has a blistering column in the Indian Express of India’s Exchange Rate taking issue with Raghuram Rajan’s recent comments that he prefers a stable, not undervalued, exchange rate for the Indian economy. Ostensibly, his comments were driven by a need to have a stable rate that advances price stability in the economy allowing … Continue reading

Conversations with Tyler

Tyler Cowen has become probably the most respected and followed scholar-blogger. Marginal Revolution is one of the frontline places to visit for accessible and policy-relevant posts and comments on contemporary economic and political issues. Now Cowen has begun a podcast series that is equally stellar – Conversations with Tyler. Several episodes have been broadcast with … Continue reading