End of Economic Growth?

Robert Gordon’s new book on economic growth and its future has been received tons of press and it looks like a pathbreaking read not the least for what Gordon is arguing – that the world will see less and less economic growth going forward. Though eminently contestable, the thesis is by no means new. Several other thinkers have argued as such in the last few years namely Tyler Cowen and Peter Thiel, both of whom lament the state of innovation in the world today. Couple of interesting links on Gordon’s book below here

A insightful podcast and conversation of Gordon and Jeff Sachs (who commends the book but disagrees with the thesis) and a good review by Ed Luce in this weekend’s FT Magazine. Paul Krugman in his review in NY Times praised the book; here’s a snippet from his review.

Is he right? My answer is a definite maybe. But whether or not you end up agreeing with Gordon’s thesis, this is a book well worth reading — a magisterial combination of deep technological history, vivid portraits of daily life over the past six generations and careful economic analysis. Non-economists may find some of the charts and tables heavy going, but Gordon never loses sight of the real people and real lives behind those charts. This book will challenge your views about the future; it will definitely transform how you see the past.


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