Diplomat in Chief (when in distress)

Tunku Varadarajan has an effusive column in today’s Wall Street Journal praising Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj on her spirited social media diplomacy helping Indians abroad particularly when in distress. Swaraj has personally come to the assistance of many cases of Indians who have encountered troubles, personal or professional. Varadarajan describes two such cases when Swaraj came to the defence of Indian workers in Saudi Arabia and surprisingly of a Pakistani infant when the child needed medical support in India. Is Swaraj’s leadership and assistance the result of Modi’s overhanded (and centralised) foreign policy management? Possibly. She appears to have carved out an area where she can have singular impact that could open doors when you least expect. Politically, her social media activities have greatly improved her standing but will it adversely affect future office-holders who might prefer delegate social media to subordinates within the ministry?