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Weekend Reading – May 7, 2016

Articles from Third World Quarterly covering the international politics of Ebola, role of developing countries in global governance and UN and global south in 21st Century. Feature Essays from Caravan, May 2016. Essays from NYRB, May 26, 2016 including reviews on books by Michael Hayden, on Islam in Indonesia and Donald Trump. Essays from David … Continue reading

Angus Deaton – CFR

A wide-ranging and insightful conversation/podcast with recent Nobel Laureate – Angus Deaton is worth listening to for so many reasons. A brief snippet of his views on Philantrocapitalism and their impact on development which is very very hard It’s complicated. I think one of the things that billionaire philanthropists are discovering is it’s actually very … Continue reading

What to do with the Rupee?

Rajiv Kumar has a blistering column in the Indian Express of India’s Exchange Rate taking issue with Raghuram Rajan’s recent comments that he prefers a stable, not undervalued, exchange rate for the Indian economy. Ostensibly, his comments were driven by a need to have a stable rate that advances price stability in the economy allowing … Continue reading

Conversations with Tyler

Tyler Cowen has become probably the most respected and followed scholar-blogger. Marginal Revolution is one of the frontline places to visit for accessible and policy-relevant posts and comments on contemporary economic and political issues. Now Cowen has begun a podcast series that is equally stellar – Conversations with Tyler. Several episodes have been broadcast with … Continue reading